As the Empire tightens its grip on the galaxy, anyone who does not fit into the New Order faces oppression or slavery or worse. Left with a poor choice between Hutt space or the Corporate Sector, many sentients take a third path, the far corners of the galaxy known only as Wild Space.

Colonists, Fringers, Guns-for-hire—there's a home on the ragged edge of the Galactic Empire for anyone who can claim it. Rumor even has it that among these refugees and hopefuls are beings with mysterious powers, hiding where even the Emperor's Inquisition can’t easily reach.

Out here the Empire is just a bad dream, and freedom is available for any sentient with the grit and guts to take it. But Wild Space is aptly named, and trouble far worse than the Empire lurks in the dark void…

Welcome to The Colony

This game will follow a group of colonists attempting to make a home for themselves in Wild Space beyond the Outer Rim. Jumping off from the Terminus system, they will make their way to an uncharted planet to begin a new life far from the sight of the Empire.

This is a Play by Post (PbP) game being run on the SWRPG Discord server.